Integrated Journey Management

CAMPUS.JRNY is a smart platform with tools for reopening campuses during and after the pandemic.
Crucial re-opening tools include digital identity management, health and safety monitoring, cashless/card-less payments,
and student incentive and rewards programs in a fully interoperable platform that is easy to deploy.

From creating a unique and engaging student experience to increasing institutional revenue,
IDENTIGY is redefining how the education sector benefits from technology now and into the future.

Campus JRNY reopening tools graphic with different modules to help campuses


JRNY.ID – Smart Student ID

  • Applying the JRNY platform to a Student ID ecosystem acts as the hub of a wheel, each spoke controlling a different touchpoint where a customer interacts. This centralizes the data for a comprehensive and simplified way to manage unique and customizable customer experiences – all in real-time using payment, access, privilege, rewards, and more. Both digital and physical identifiers may be used – such as QR codes, mobile devices, RFID cards ‘long-range or short-range’, Biometric, Bluetooth, and more

JRNY.Visitor – Visitor Management

  • The JRNY.Visitor solution is a complete set of modules to manage the customer, vendor, client, or employee journey as they encounter managed properties. Many benefits are included in this module: Touchless & cashless transactions; Package/delivery management; Seamless parking/valet services; Room appointments & services; Personal benefits integrated into the on-site experience; Safe & secure experience on campus for all visitors.

JRNY.Pay – Cashless Payment Services

  • The JRNY.Pay module transforms a facility or campus into a completely touchless and cashless experience for everyone. This solution is complete with multiple layers of security and a set of tools to centrally manage and operate virtually unlimited transactions at any touchpoint along a customer journey.

JRNY.Safe – Safety & Security

  • The JRNY.Safe module is a complete set of tools to centrally manage and operate virtually unlimited touchpoints and customer identities in real time to ensure they are safe and secure. Generate customized data reports on a daily, weekly, and month basis to provide you an insight into everything about everyone at your school’s premises.

JRNY.Rewards – Student Rewards Program

  • The JRNY.Reward module adds a customized and exclusive experience to a customer journey. This module is integral to the CAMPUS.JRNY platform providing real-time monetization, incentivization, rewarding action, and building loyalty by anticipating student needs and creating a seamless experience. From taking public transport to classroom activities and after school activities; reward and incentivize students for good behaviors, community services, social responsibility, sports activities and more while preserving the student experience within the property ecosystem with enhanced customer experience.

JRNY Connectors & API

  • JRNY is interoperable with nearly all campus-wide systems currently in use. Simply integrate with your Student Information System (SIS), Transportation & Parking Management, Food Service, Room Reservation System, Library, Print Management, and many more. Centralize, manage and synchronize all identities & credentials across these systems for a complete look at who, what and where events are happening on campus.
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